Live wedding paintings

keep your special day on canvas

The proposal for this service came by chance. I was around Ravello, as I usually do, painting his beautiful landscapes. That day I was at the Princess of Piedmont Gardens and while I was painting a beautiful couple arrived to celebrate the ceremony of their wedding.

As I collected my things to give way to them, they expressed a desire to have me there during the ceremony and to paint for them this special moment.  I, surprised and flattered, accepted that proposal and since then I have enjoyed offering this service to those who want it.

live wedding paintings

A special memory of your wedding

I will live with you and paint for you this special day. Through an impressionist style, I will represent you and the location of your wedding playing more with lights, colors and sensations of that moment.


I’ll get to the wedding location before the celebration so I can start painting the landscape.

Real time

I’ll be at the ceremony, painting in real time.


I will finish the canvas in the studio and it will be ready for delivery and shipping.

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